Describe Data has one goal - to enable the Bionic Underwriter.

At Describe Data, we use new data sources, together with AI to arm underwriters with a superior understanding of risk and then just get out of their way. Like the Six Million Dollar Man the Bionic Underwriter is better, stronger, faster.

Underwriting complex risks relies on subjective judgement as reliable data is hard to find, hard to handle and hard to interpret. So what can we do about this?


Meet Kompreno, our analytics engine. We have built and trained Kompreno to provide insights into risks such as Cyber, D & O, Terrorism and Health & Wealth.

Kompreno Demonstration

Here is an example of Kompreno being used to analyse the UK population.

Kompreno taps into massive amounts of data from the government, the NHS
and elsewhere and uses machine learning to split the country into detailed
health categories.  Let’s look at how we use this.  The video above shows how an hypothetical underwriter, Maria, can use Kompreno.

Maria has to underwrite a group health scheme for a large company, but only
has summary employee data.  Her data is uploaded and overlaid onto Kompreno and displayed on the map, she filters the employees by age and selects the areas she’s interested in.

Kompreno shows her that employees living in the, say the, areas coloured
blue have a higher incidence of lifestyle conditions, such as diabetes, while
the areas coloured red, less so.

Maria is now armed with a superior understanding of her real risk.


Kompreno is not just-another-AI-tool. It’s been developed by seasoned industry insiders.  It helps you develop a superior understanding of risk, so you can separate deals into the good, the bad and the ugly.

It works on individual risks and existing portfolios, revealing problematic aggregations, but also, new opportunities.  Unlike many solutions, it works seamlessly with your existing processes and systems.

Uniquely, Kompreno is stand alone and ready for you to use. It uses government, academic data and industry data.  Where there is no good data, Kompreno can collect and curate the data for you.

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